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S36 Sex&Love Intermission, In Which Amy Is Still Confused


In today’s “season six intermission” I reveal a bit more of my profound confusion regarding anything sex/love.  “But it’s not my fault,” I explain, “I’m just a super-freak is all.”

Part of what gets me all muddled up is that I can’t find a way to reconcile the things that Daniel says about relationships with the things my kids say about relationships.

Another thing that gets me muddled up is that I still haven’t even been able to identify whether my past relationships were fundamentally “good” or “bad.”  Not a great place to start when looking for decisive clarity.

The only thing I can possibly say at this juncture is, to be continued….

And also I could say: Thanks Jake Snider for sharing his tune with us, “Real Life.”

Rockin’ it out, bewilderment notwithstanding-

5 comments to S36: Sex&Love Intermission, In Which Amy Is Still Confused

  • Chuck Carr

    After listening to your podcast I came to the conclusion that this generation (your childern) are better equiped at love. They seem to be much more open and honest with their feeling and very willing to share them. With our generation, even though we considered ourselves to be so open and “new age” that
    in reality doesn’t speak to the majority. Some of us are still moving down the path of thinking we know what love is about and doing it the old
    way “struggling”. Its also my perception that people change to atract the opposite sex not realizing they are giving up so much of themselves.The younger generation also knows who they are and are not willing to give up themselves for any price or person. Finished with my ramblings.

  • Juan S

    Hey Amy, im sorry to hear you are going through a such confusion right now, but i can surely understand how a all those chats with Daniel would have had that effect. : ) I have gone through something similar before, a couple of times actually perhaps and it can be very disoriating though quite exiting as well. just know that the tougher the task, the greater the reward, so hopefully that will have some value.

    I wanted to post a quibble to one of Daniel`s perspectives on like, which ive notice here and there, and i seem to have found a very good argument against Daniel`s perspective which will also hopefully be of value. im talking about perfectionism. ive seen this theme in some of your conversations, and thought i would add some of the resources that have helped me explore this part of life.

    So here they are:

    They are both from By Stefan Molyneux, whom which i believe you are both familiar with. I hope you guys can find the time to look into them -if you have not seen them yet-, as i, like alof of Stef`s stuff, have found them very useful.

    I look forward to more podcasts, and Thank you so much for doing what your are doing guys, this as far as i know is one of the top ways to save the world. : )

  • Ero

    Ive been listening to your show for quit a while. You raised a couple of questions in this podcast. I think you should read the book Social Intelligence, this book is really really really good, people who havent read this book I can see a really big gap in knowlegde.
    I hope you will read it

  • Ero

    By the way don´t go to freedomainradio. Stefan the host is good on philopshy but no so good on psychology.

  • Juan S

    Hey Ero, thats an interesting position on stef’s view on psychology, it like to hear how you got to that conclusion, what u mean by ‘not so good’ and what critizism you have of his thought. as i’ve been following it for a while, and have accepted alot of his arguments and hey if u have something im missing i wanna know. : ) leme know! bye.

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