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Sex&Love4: Boring Sex


Someone once told me that “sex is like pizza – even bad pizza is good.”  I kinda agreed.

But since then, when I’ve repeated this, I’ve heard many an avid argument that “that is SO totally NOT true.”  So, I stand corrected (and am glad I had the fortune to learn “the easy way” – ie, by being told about bad sex, rather than having to endure it myself.)

Anyway, this podcast isn’t about bad sex, just boring sex.

But first, we must find out what “boredom” is, and what “sex” is.

(It’s never as simple as it seems.)

ALSO thanks to Heather Childs and Frankie, for sharing her glorious Amens with us (and with the world).

1 comment to Sex&Love4: Boring Sex

  • gwen rhodes

    I really love listening to these podcasts. It is amazing what comes up for me along the way too.
    I had a thought today…that I want to share.
    Life as I have gotten older of course my life has changed abit. I remarried last year and it is the best relationship with a man I have ever experienced. I have never been in a relationship where I felt free. Free to speak, to feel, to experience life the way I am experiencing it…not how someone wants me too. I have never been in a relationship where being held feels as good and sometimes even better than having sex because the tenderness and intimacy is so deep. I have never been in a relationship where not having an orgasm didn’t matter to someone involved…but the more important part was the communication that was happening…all these things are healthy components of my relationship now. They are only part of what makes life with him so peaceful and loving, however they are an important part. Physically loving each other in non sexual ways… a smile, a wink, a touch as one goes by the other during the day, massaging each others hands while we talk at night before bed…holding each others feet in our hands while sitting in chairs facing each other and checking in with each other sometimes during the day…these are intimate expressions of love that bring a completeness to making love when it happens…
    any way I wanted to share that thought with the two of you…