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S41: De-Vowification


So after a couple years of celibacy (jeepers, was it only a couple years? Why did it feel like a couple decades?), I woke up one morning with a sudden and clear *ping* in my brain that meant to me that it was time for the ‘vow’ to be over.  Just kinda like that.

As part of my un-vowing process, one thing I wanted to do was to ask Daniel Mackler some questions about celibacy, dating, sex, relationships – and I recorded the conversation so all y’all could eavesdrop.

What a day, what a life, what a world – and whatever, whatever.

little carsie offers her opinion on all this


Oh and have you downloaded Carsie Blanton’s new album yet?

Have you heard that she gives her music away?

So just go listen already!


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