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Sex&Love 11: Hot Young Guys (Part One)


I took this show down because I hated it that much.  But I didn’t want to remove this post or I’d lose the listener’s comments.

If you feel incredibly shortchanged by the absence of this particular episode, and can’t take my word for it that you’re better off without it, then email me and I’ll send you a copy.

But in my opinion, it’s just not fit for general public consumption.

Maybe you’ll understand if you listen to Young Hot Guys Part Two.

6 comments to Sex&Love 11: Hot Young Guys (Part One)

  • Thor Odhner

    I dare everyone who reads this to comment. I’m now just 9 part-1 feedback units away from being a nice, young, hot guy in a bitchin’ WWA t-shirt. I’ll be unstoppable! At that point, it’s probably safest to view me indirectly via a partially-reflective surface.

    Amy, going forward, I’m pretty sure you should dedicate a couple of minutes in each of your podcasts to mention that I’m hot. We could at least try it out, and if it turns out to be boring, we could switch to my other virtues.

  • What a (hot and young) guy!

  • amychilds

    Whit wooooooo.

  • Amy – I was beginning to get very resentful until I heard my name mentioned, so thank you. And no, we’re not nice to you b/c you’re our stepmom of sorts (right?), it’s because you’re cool and fun to be around.

  • Steve Schnarr

    Hi Amy,

    First time listener here.
    I clicked on this show because I’ve been trying to embrace my own youth and hotness as of late. And it was refreshing to hear an honest perspective on young hot men.

    Similar to the way you feel prejudiced against young hot men, I feel prejudiced about young hot women. I feel this way for some reasons you listed, but mostly I am prejudiced because I get the impression that young hot women act as if they deserve my attention, and I don’t think anyone necessarily “deserves” my attention.

    I’m guessing it most likely has to do with my control issues or something – I’m not really sure. But I’ve justified it in my mind by saying that hot appearance equals a boring personality.

    Not saying that the women I associate with aren’t hot but rarely in the movie star sense of “hot.” Usually, I have to see something alternative about a girl’s appearance before I will think she is interesting. Maybe this has kept me away from some awesome people in my life, or maybe it has led me to some – I’m not sure. But I think it was quite a coincidence that we are both prejudiced against young and hot people of another gender.

    And also, I wouldn’t necessarily be offended if people were prejudiced against me – I am pretty self centered.

  • amychilds

    Steve, great honest comments! Loved reading this. I often think I should delete this episode – I think it is the weirdest / most confusing one I’ve posted, but if you didn’t hate it then that says something in its favor.

    I think young guys who are recently embracing their hotness are not nearly (potentially) as annoying as those who have known they were got since 3rd grade…. it’s the guys who have had life served to them on a silver platter and who consequently think they own the world – they are the ones that really bug me.

    Jonathan (my son) says he wants to learn to use his young hot guy ness for Good – like a superpower. I’m all for that too. Maybe there is a new breed of young hot guy superhero up and coming, I like to think so! Sounds like you are part of that crowd.

    Thanks for listening and writing!