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Sex&Love 30: Melanie Asks Me Some Questions


First of all Melanie and I laughed a lot, and luckily I didn’t pee my pants.

Then she asked me to talk about my most recent thoughts and feelings about sex and love, and I blithered about something along those lines.

Carsie Blanton sings the song of hers that I consider my sex/love theme song* – not a pretty sight.  But at least now maybe you’ll understand the need for some celibacy around here.


*The characters depicted in this song are fictitious. Any similarity to any person living or dead is merely coincidental.

2 comments to Sex&Love 30: Melanie Asks Me Some Questions

  • Karin

    Thank you girls!!!

  • kara tennis

    For some reason and against all odds I have my fingers crossed for Michael Jordan to show up, but I’m also not holding any breath.

    The theme song is awesome in a horrible way–that Carsie is wise way beyond her years…..

    Thanks Melanie, for your sweet attention on the subject.