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Sex&Love23: Blushing (or Young Hot Guys Part II)


It’s public apology time!

I couldn’t take the discomfort any longer, so I took three steps toward fixing the awful feeling I’ve always had about the episode I did back in the spring called “Young Hot Guys Part One,” which were:

1. I deleted the old show
2. I made this new show
3. I gave myself a punishment (which you can find out about if you listen)

I guess the good thing about doing a bad show is you all get to sit back and watch me squirm.  Hope you’re having fun!


2 comments to Sex&Love23: Blushing (or Young Hot Guys Part II)

  • baby:g

    this one made me lol in my cube. i actually paused after the first few mins, went and made myself a hot bevy then came back to settle in with your squirming. brave sis. way to close the loop and then reopen the loop for a whole year of being nice to all those full of themselves “hot guys”. good luck with those jerks. jejeje :)

  • Thor Odhner

    “Hard, embittered, middle-aged, grey-haired old lady”

    Ha ha ha. You wish, Amy.