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Sex&Love26: Thor's Birthday Challenge


Here’s the challenge, as stated by Thor’s wife, Megan:

On November 8th, Thor turns 30. I wanted to do something really meaningful to honor him. And what does Thor care about more than almost anything? Sex. So here’s the idea:

I am proposing a challenge to us all to have sex 30 times in the 30 days before Thor turns 30.

At least, that’s our goal. You may have more or less, but the point is to have as much as possible during that month, in Thor’s name.

The challenge will begin October 6 and will end with a party at the C&S Club (21+) on the night of Saturday, November 6 at 9 o’clock (only because November 8th is a Monday, and who wants to have a party on a Monday?). We’ll bring some snacks, cake, and non-alcoholic beverages. Alcohol is available for purchase at the bar.

At the party we will have t-shirts for all who participated in the challenge, with the option to proudly display your number for all to see. There will be prizes awarded for highest numbers in the couples, single female and single male categories. There will be consolation prizes for any zeros out there. You may, of course, choose to keep your number to yourself, but you won’t be eligible for any prizes.

Many of you are out of town, and some may not want or be able to come to the party for various reasons. We would still love for you to participate, perhaps as a boost to your relationships or just to give yourself a little more fun.

Please, don’t keep this to yourselves. Anyone, anywhere can join in. Spread the word. Invite your friends to join the movement and/or come to the party. During the month, post your numbers on your Facebook status to cheer each other on. Together, we can make the world a better place.


Q: What Is Sex?
A: When a mommy and a daddy love each other very much, blah blah blah … Oral or intercourse culminating in yada yada yada.

Q: What, is Thor some kind of a pervert?
A: Takes one to know one.

Q: Not all of us are able to participate in the challenge, are you trying to rub it in?
A: Of course not! We understand that there are lots of reasons that many of you don’t want to, can’t, or shouldn’t be having sex right now. We still want to party with you, so come on over. You don’t even have to be happy for us.

So who can pass up on that?! (Especially if you don’t even have to be happy for the lucky couple?!)

Party on,


WWA’s “music guy” Ryan Tennis wrote a song (written and recorded in an hour or so) just for the occasion called “Everybody Wants To.”  I think you’ll like it.

4 comments to Sex&Love26: Thor’s Birthday Challenge

  • Steven Schnarr

    This is exciting.

    I’ve been feeling torn about my sex life as of late. But I was so happy to hear the podcast. This contest gives me some clear direction for my goals in Thailand.
    I certainly don’t think I will be able to reach 30 in just one month, being a single guy in a foreign country. But I can happily say I’ve already gotten started. (The time difference gave me a head start.) You can begin the count at one for me. Let’s hope number two is soon.

    I’m looking forward to hearing all of you well on your way throughout the month.
    High fives all around.

  • Melanie

    Ok…day number one and so far nothing yet to report, BUT….the day has only just begun!

  • baby:g

    holy LOLy!

  • Wade and Heath

    Great early morning (530 am) listening.
    So, will your listeners get to hear about the party?


    Heath’s comment: Amazed he did not hear about it through the grapevine.

    Back to Wade: I am sure with more listening to your curious candor Heath’s grapevine will catch on.