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Sex&Love28: Polyamory


Because so many questions about open relationships arose after my interview with Bethany on the last sex&love episode, I decided to offer listeners some more information about polyamorous relationships, lifestyles and choices. Toward this end, I asked my friend Bob Bruhin to share his experiences and observations with us, and he kindly agreed.

Today Bob shares his experience of and views about:
– why people choose to enter an open or polyamorous relationship;
– the challenges and benefits of being in an open or polyamorous relationship;
– some common mistakes and misunderstandings about these kinds of relationships;
– what makes relationships healthy, whether monogamous or otherwise.

If you’re curious to hear more about this unconventional way of living and loving, then here you go….Have at it!

The song I played at the end of today’s show (“Millionaire Girlfriend”) made me “lol” – thank you Jonathan Coultan (and thanks to Bob for finding him).


1 comment to Sex&Love28: Polyamory

  • Bethany

    It is interesting to hear someone’s similar ideas about polyamory. It was enlightening to be the listener instead of the speaker. It made me squirm a little. I think that some of the ways that I justify polyamory seem forced. After listening to this I think that that is because polyamory isn’t actually a thing. It is a NOT thing. It is an anti-thing. It is not: monogamy. When you are monogamous you consciously moderate your behavior to follow certain guidelines like: no longer being romantically or sexually involved with anyone besides your partner. Cheating is a breaking of these guidelines. There isn’t cheating if it is made clear that there are no guidelines. I think I stumble to find ways to proclaim polyamory because it is less of a proclamation and more of an opting out–an opting out of the expectations and traditions around monogamy. It also becomes confusing to say who is and isn’t a partner (when you are poly) because as a polyamorist you are opening up what a relationship means and sometimes it becomes as simple as two people interacting in whatever form that takes.

    I appreciate hearing about other people with a similar lifestyle to mine. Thanks Bob. You made me think.