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Sex&Love31: Sister Jessica Asks Me Some Questions


Jessica (who graciously un-muted her phone for the purpose of this podcast) asked me things like…

What were the good and hard things about your past relationships?
How did you know when it was time for those relationships to end?

And perhaps most importantly, so what DO you think about orgies?? (Spoiler alert: no further answer provided.)

in the back yard of our Santa Barbara house 1975ish

Jess and Amy

San Diego on New Years Day 2008

We’re also treated to another song from Alexandra Day’s new CD called Fall’s Last Kiss.

Hope you enjoy it.


2 comments to Sex&Love31: Sister Jessica Asks Me Some Questions

  • kara tennis

    I love the part toward the end where you talk about how the confusion in a challenging relationship is actually more painful than losing the relationship would be, and how we all tend at the end to drag out the lack of clarity. (I don’t know if you said, or if I just think, that the reason for that is mainly because lack of clarity comes from not knowing and accepting oneself– i.e. LOSING the self, which is deep-down worse in a way than losing the loved-one. Not sure if I’m putting words in your mouth.). Anyway, I also loved where Jess brings up from a previous PC the four elements that you said characterize unhealthy relationships.