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Sex&Love33: Daniel on Friendship, Boundaries and Intimacy


According to Daniel Mackler, a relationship is healthy to the degree that its purpose is to support those in the relationship in growing toward truth and being one’s true self.

However, in his experience and observation, most (if not all) romantic ties have “comfort” as their primary purpose, even when it hinders growth and requires compromise of the true self.

What do you think?

Post your comments, rebuttals and questions here (if you feel like it,) and we’ll address your feedback in a future episode.

Also, if you sometimes get confused by talk of “intimacy” and “boundaries” (’cause I do, just sayin’,) Daniel has a pretty succinct way of cutting through the psychobabble and giving some nice simple definitions. I like that.

I was trying to think of a good April Fools joke to play, but my kids pointed out that April Fools jokes are usually just mean, so never mind. But have a fun first day of April anyway!


2 comments to Sex&Love33: Daniel on Friendship, Boundaries and Intimacy

  • Derek Vernon Smith

    Hi Amy
    Great series of interviews with DM and kudos to you for remaining open and curious despite the implicit challenges of integrating his conclusions. Thanks. I’d love to listen to the “boundaries” convo, but it’s not here. Do you plan to publish it?

  • OutSider

    Thanks for putting up the link and for your conversations with Daniel, Amy.

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