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Sex&Love5: Sexy Mama


In this special new year’s eve special*, we invite back to the show midwife and friend Beth Curtis to talk about female body parts and their owners.   Covering many topics – including pregnancy, “orgasmic birth,” breast milk eruptions, clit piercings, sex with fire hydrants, and other forms of pain and pleasure – Beth’s witty and insightful commentary will leave you giggling, thinking or maybe even both.  At least – it did me.


* The only way to tell that this is a new year’s eve special is by reading this footnote…. Happy New Year’s!

1 comment to Sex&Love5: Sexy Mama

  • This is awesome! Took me a little while to getting around to giving it my full attention (and wondering how my 9 year old whose sitting about 10 feet away is appreciating this :) First: orgasmic birth. Yes. Thank you. Read “Spiritual Midwifery’ before my first, and wow, were my expectations skewed and dashed on the rocks in a sad way. Second: clit piercing. Never really thought about it, but loved Beth’s description of continual chi stimulation.. I got that! and yes, this can have long-term detrimental effects. Third: Guilt? Favoritism in relation to children and husband.. omg. Amazing more marriages don’t crash during that time.

    Awesome, ladies.