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Sex&Love6: Carsie Blanton - Crazy For Love


Jonathan Takiff of the Philadelphia Daily News isn’t the only one who thinks Carsie Blanton is a treasure.  Today she shares some inside scoop about her childhood, her relationships, her passions and her general craziness about boys.  Near the beginning of the interview you might note some famous last words: “oh, I’m sure the dogs will quiet down in a few minutes….”

My hope is that Carsie’s youthful yet wise insights will restore some kind of faith in love – after the love-bashing (I just can’t help it) in past shows.  Lord knows we can use optimism whenever we can get it, and Carsie’s “pop giggle and groove” (as her email signature reads) always gives me something to smile about.  Which in my world is better than gold.

Those who listen to the end will hear a special treat – the full recording of her song ‘Crazy For Love.’



1 comment to Sex&Love6: Carsie Blanton – Crazy For Love

  • Laurie Kemp

    really, really good—brilliant, beautiful music–super fun and hilarious to listen to–definitely must NOT let my kids get too terribly far into public school, what a wildly wise lady! and, you too kara, dogs ARE so much harder than kids…