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Sex&Love7: Marriage (a Bedtime Story)


If you’re in the market for an incredibly oversimplified overview of our past love-lives, with all the juicy parts missing – today is your lucky day!  Because that’s exactly what’s in store for you.

I figured, it had to be done – we need to give listeners a sense (albeit vague and dissatisfying) of where we’re coming from, in hopes of illustrating how we’ve learned the things we’ve learned.   Next week we’ll follow up and share some of those actual learned “things” (if we can think of any).

In the meantime, if you don’t know about show from the 70’s, Free To Be You and Me (which I quote in today’s show) – it’s time we amend that situation. Pronto.  With soundtracks like “It’s All Right To Cry,” “the No-Friends Club” and a song about a boy who wants a doll – I don’t know how a person can be properly balanced and politically correct without it.

The quote bears repeating again here (and everywhere)- the final sentences from one of the stories:

“Perhaps they are married.  Perhaps they are not.  But in any case it is certain, they are both living happily ever after.”

2 comments to Sex&Love7: Marriage (a Bedtime Story)

  • carly

    I’ll be looking forward to next week’s installment. Listening gets me thinking about marriage like i never have before….i like it.

  • Megan Odhner

    I loved this podcast just for the Free To Be You And Me reference, which I was also raised on.
    I really don’t have anything profound to say on the topic. I just want to say thank you for bringing consciousness to the issue of marriage.
    I really like the invitation to explore marriage and why we get married. When I got married 10 years ago I was deeply religious and had all the religious reasons for doing so, not excluding permission to have sex finally. Having let go of much of that, I am still happily
    married and feel very committed to our relationship. Don’t really know why, but I’m not arguing with it for now.
    I don’t think marriage is the ideal or something everyone should do. I’m learning a lot about all sorts of other interesting ways to be in relationships and am thrilled that there’s something for everyone. Thanks, Amy and Kara for broadening my horizons.