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Sex&Love9: Thor's Leopard Print and Lollilpop


A few quotes from Thor, to tease you:

“I’m a young man and I’m really into sex,” (which according to Thor is “perhaps the most not-profound thing one could ever say.”)

“Enjoying sex is a good thing.”

And furthermore,

“It’s like… duh.”

I’ll say no more… just go listen and hear him yourself.


7 comments to Sex&Love9: Thor’s Leopard Print and Lollilpop

  • amychilds

    A few days later, I got a message from Thor’s iPhone “the kids found the swing.”

  • Thor Odhner

    So it DOES end happily ever after!

  • Megan Odhner

    Finally! I knew Thor’s interview was going to be posted today so I’ve been checking the website every half-hour since 6 am. I had fairly high expectations, knowing already what a thoughtful, interesting, intelligent and adorable person he is. I was not disappointed. I’m very much in support of open, honest conversation about sex, even if it means having some of the details of my sex life broadcasted on the world wide web ( and my Mom is listening ).
    Sure I’m biased, but this was probably my favorite podcast to listen to.
    I am pretty crazy about this guy.

  • Sacha

    Woo Hoo! I could listen and talk about sex all day, (as long as I reserved some time to actually have it too). Thanks for doing more than your part to make it an open topic. There are SO many benefits to having it not be such a taboo subject, but enjoying it more is definitely one of them. I feel so lucky to have Thor and Megan in our life and am totally enjoying these podcasts, keep ‘em coming!

  • Really great topic and thank you so much to Thor for being open and willing to share about who he really is in relationship to his wife and his needs on all levels …it is so important to have the distinctions between needing, wanting, inadequacy, etc..
    I feel so sad for all those people (myself included) who harbor such guilt about their feelings of loving sex and wanting sex…and also for not knowing how to share that this or that is not exactly what you want or how you want it…or even being brave enough to say …I don’t want sex right now…I need to be able to love you but not physically and have it be ok…these things need to be shared with our children as we raise them so that they can feel the rich fullfillment that sex can have in their lives minus the guilt!! So thank you Thor and Thank you Megan for being so supportive and loving .

  • amychilds

    Yes Gwen – AGREED!