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I think this might be the best episode of this podcast so far. I didn’t realize that until I listened to it this morning for the first time straight through. There are within it are so many insights and clues about being human, about learning and growing, and about why so many people are unhappy. And like all of Season 9, it’s all thanks to my three favorite creatures of all time, my kids.

Today they cover topics such as…
What it means to be an adult
Being free to try things and to make mistakes
Everyone wants to be trustworthy but mostly we can’t trust
The pitfall of “all or nothing” thinking
The value of role models
And what is it that people need in order to grow up to be happy, resourceful, and able to face the challenges of life?

Language alert – some of us couldn’t talk about this topic without liberal use of the F word. Consider yourself warned…. this is the real deal.

Whatever, whatever, Amen.


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